Assoc. Prof. Ján DUDÁŠ, DSc. born in Veličná, Slovakia in 1946, graduated as Ing. (M.Eng.) with honour in solid state physics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, in 1969 with the diploma work Moessbauer effect on the Fe57 nuclei in non-ferrous alloys. He was at a study stay in the Institute of  the Physical Metallurgy, Czech-Slovak Academy of Sciences in Brno from 1969 and his research interests were concentrated to the study of internal magnetic fields in ferrous and non-ferrous alloys using the Moessbauer effect.

    In 1972 he changed for the Department of Theoretical and Experimental Electrotechnics, Technical University, Košice as Assistant Professor with the teaching load in Theoretical Electrotechnics, Electrical Measurement and Electrical Measurement of Non-Electrical Quantities. He was the senior lecturer in Theoretical Electrotechnics I, II and III  for the full-time students as well as for the part-time students. On the basis of his research  he worked out the  syllabus and he was guarantee for the optional subject Ferromagnetism and Superconductivity and  read lectures in Ferromagnetism.
His research interests changed to the low temperature electrical, magnetic and structural properties of rare earth metals and their thin films.  He received the CSc. (PhD.) degree in Solid State Physics at the Šafárik University in Košice, in 1985  with thesis Study of the conduction electron scattering processes in bulk and thin film samples of dysprosium at low temperatures.

    After the political change he was allowed to habilitate and after the defence of habilitation dissertation  Influence of the magnetic spin system on the electric charge transport in bulk and thin film samples of dysprosium, samarium and thulium at low temperatures in 1990  he was appointed as Associate Professor  in Theoretical Electrotechnics at Technical University in Košice.

    In 1999 he defended the doctoral thesis Electric charge transport in bulk and thin film samples of dysprosium, thulium and samarium at low temperatures at Technical University in Košice and received the DrSc. (DSc.) degree in  Theoretical Electrotechnics .

    His second habilitation dissertation  Influence of the magnetic structure on the electric charge transport  in thin films of dysprosium and samarium at low temperatures  was defended in 2000 at Technical University in Zilina in Theoretical Electrotechnics.

    He took part at short study stays at 8 Universities in Great Britain in 1980, at Technical University of Wismar, Germany in 1989, at the Institue of Inorganic Chemistry of the Siberian Branch of the  Academy of Sciences of USSR in Novosibirsk, in 1990, at Donetsk Physical-Technical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of USSR, at Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany, in 1997, at Institue of Physics , A.M.University in Poznan, Poland in 1994, 1996, 2003 and at the Institue of Molecular Physics, Polish Academy of Scienced in Poznan in 1994, 1996, 2003.

    He is author and co-author of 40 journal papers (16 in CC journals) and 48 contributions in conference proceedings (2 in CC proceedings) published home and abroad. His works were cited mainly abroad  (30) and home (3) and  137 requests (128 from abroad) arrived for reprints of his papers.

    He is author of one scientific monograph-INTRICATE BEHAVIOUR OF RARE EARTH METAL THIN FILMS AT LOW TEMPERATURES, 2001 , of two textbooks ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD THEORY, 1991, THEORETICAL ELECTROTECHNICS II, 2001 and co-author of the textbook for tutorials SOLUTIONS IN ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD THEORY, 1992.   He is co-author of a historical-cultural monograph  LITERARY AND CULTURAL BOOK OF TRAVELS ACROSS ORAVA, 2002.

    He is a referee of many research projects, papers in journals and conferences, qualification dissertations as well as editor and co-editor  of  two conference proceedings in Theoretical electrotechnics. He was 10 years a guarantee of three semester course of Theoretical Electrotechnics and one semester course Ferromagnetsm and Superconductivity at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Technical University, Košice.

    His research interests include electrical, magnetic and structural properties of transition metals, mainly rare earth metals and their magnetic thin films at low temperatures (from 4.2 K up to the room temperature) as well as the searching of the personalities from Orava region creative in science, technics, literature and in other branches of culture. He was collaborator of 6 state research projects before the change in 1989 and co-ordinator of 5 grant projects after the change. He was co-ordinator of 3 research projects for industry devoted to magnetic properties of the new dynamo-sheets produced  in East-Slovak  Steel Works in Košice.

    Although teaching in first stage of the university study he guided 4 diploma-students, further  2 PhD. students and 6 works in the framework of the "Student`s  scientific and specialisation activity".  

    At present he is with the Department of Theoretical Electrotechnics and Electrical Measurement, Technical University, Košice  and he gives lectures and leads tutorials in  the Theoretical  Electrotechnics in Circuit Theory and in Electromagnetic Field Theory.