Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia

Technical University, Košice, Slovakia

Institute of Experimental Physics SAS, Košice, Slovakia

Mathematical Modeling and Computational Physics 2006

High Tatra Mountains, Slovakia, August 28 - September 1, 2006

Dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia


This announcement contains important recent information on practical and scientific aspects of the conference.

Scientific Programme

Preliminary Topics

mathematical methods and tools for modeling complex physical and technical systems;
software and computer complexes for experimental data processing;
methods, algorithms, and software of computer algebra;
computational chemistry, biology, and biophysics;
new generation computing tools, distributed scientific computing.

Plenary (45 min.) and invited (30 min.) lectures are scheduled during the morning sessions and after the lunch breaks. Parallel sessions (except Wednesday) with short talks (20 min.) will be held in the afternoons. Contributions to be given as talks will be selected by the Organizing Committee.

See the preliminary list of plenary and invited lectures.

See the list of received abstracts.

Very Preliminary Programme

Additional Information

A basic description of the venue of the conference, which is situated in one of the most glamorous parts of Slovakia can be found at the web-site of the High Tatra National Park.

Conference Fee

The conference fee will be accepted during the registration of the participants. The Organizing Committee kindly asks the participants to change in advance their money into Euro for paying the registration fee in cash. We regret that no personal or travelers cheques can be accepted. In case, that someone needs to pay by bank transfer inform us about it by e-mail.

The conference organization will provide the participants with accommodation with full board, social program, conference materials, coffee-breaks, and a copy of the Book of Abstracts and the Proceedings.

The standard full conference fee based on the shared double bedded room fare makes 450 €, for students 350 €. Single room and appartment accomodations are also available under a moderate additional fee.

The conference fee for accompanying persons makes 300 € per person. This includes five days hotel accommodation with full board as well as social programme.


Full board for the participants will be provided at the restaurant of the hotel Rysy.

Social Programme

1. Monday, August 28: Welcome Party (20:00 - 23:00).

2. Wednesday, August 30: Excursions - 1. Rafting, 2. Historical towns Levoca, Spišská Kapitula, 3. Demanovska valley.

3. Thursday, August 31: Banquet (19:30 - :).

Accompanying Persons Tours

A special service from the local travel agency will be available each day for accompanying persons. For daily tours, the region provides a lot of beautiful places, e.g. the visit of the medieval town Levoca with the famous Majster Pavel wooden altar in St. Jacob's church, the church in Žehra (UNESCO relic), caves in Demänovská Valley, etc. The region of High and Low Tatra Mountains provides of course great possibilities for tourist trips.


It is a problem to show all possibilities to travel to the conference site (Tatranska) Strba. In the map of Tatranska Strba you can find the hotel Rysy placement.

The Slovak towns from the West to the East and the distances between are as follows:

Vienna (Austria) - 60 km - Bratislava - 300 km - Liptovsky Mikulas - 40km - Tatranska Strba - 25 km - Poprad - 120 km - Kosice - 120 km - Cierna nad Tisou - 3km - Chop (Ukraina)

The best train connection is to reach directly to the Strba train station. In some cases you must change the train at Liptovsky Mikulas or Poprad. Here are some Vienna - Bratislava - Strba train connections. At the site of Slovak Railways you can find all necessary information. Slovak items denote: odkial=from, kam=where, cez=through, cas=time, datum=date, vyhladat spojenie=find. At the Czech site Trains and Buses you can find the information about the bus (Autobus) and the train (Vlaky) connections. Corresponding Czech keywords: odkud=from, kam=where, prez=through, cas=time, datum=date, (vy)hledat=find.

The best bus connection is to reach directly to the Strba. Please, visit the site Trains and Buses mentioned above.

You can fly to Bratislava or to Kosice. In Czech Airlines it is possible to take a ticket even to Poprad through Kosice, from Kosice to Poprad you will travel by bus. Additional possibilities (and maybe cheaper tickets) you can find at the site of the SkyEurope company.

The organizers will welcome the participants information, when and where they plan to arrive. Please, feel free to ask any questions, which can help you to reach the conference site. For all communication and information please use the Conference e-mail


The working language of the conference is English.

The proceedings of the conference will be published in the journal Physics of Particles and Nuclei, Letters. All contributions will be passed through standard approval process.

The contribution length will be: 10 pages for a plenary lecture, 8 pages for an invited lecture, and 6 pages for a contributed paper.

Please, find and download new LaTeX sample files and publication instructions for contributions. Only LaTeX format is acceptable (not WORD). Please, use the eps graphics format.


The deadline for the contribution submission to the conference proceedings is August 28, 2006. Please, bring the signed Agreement with you.

For all communication and information please use the Conference e-mail