CPC Program Library at MMCP 2006

CPC Program Library at MMCP 2006


By courtesy of Elsevier, a CPC Program Library Display will be available

throughout MMCP 2006 at the main Conference building.


    Established in 1969 the CPC Program Library is a well-known Open

Source Library which comprises nearly two thousands refereed programs in

computational physics and physical chemistry that are described in the

journal Computer Physics Communications.


   In support of MMCP 2006, Elsevier has kindly agreed to offer each

participant two programs of their choice from the Library free of

charge. These will be e-mailed to participants once the conference has



    The display will provide information on CPC, free sample CPC journal

issues and Library CDs. Professor NS Scott, CPC Principal Editor and

Library Director, and Dr Carol Phillips, the Program Librarian, will be

available throughout to answer any queries regarding the journal and library.


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