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Multiple Clipboard buttons mcCUT.GIF mcCOPY.GIF mcPASTE.GIF mcCLEAR.GIF

These common colour of these four buttons is red, which underlines that they differ from the standard buttons and at the same time form a certain group.

mcCUT.GIF CUT selected text and ADD it to the Multiple Clipboard.

mcCOPY.GIF COPY selected text to the Multiple Clipboard.

mcPASTE.GIF PASTE one item or PASTE ALL ITEMS from the Multiple Clipboard (select from the list of available items).

mcCLEAR.GIF CLEAR the Multiple Clipboard.


The Multiple Clipboard does not interfere with the ordinary clipboard. You can still use CTRL+C for copying, CTRL+X for cutting, and CTRL+V for pasting text, as well as NoteTab's standard toolbar buttons for these standard operations.

The main difference is that ordinary clipboard allows copying between Windows applications, whereas the Multiple Clipboard operates presently only within NoteTab.


Number of items in the Multiple Clipboard is not fixed, but the total length of the Multiple Clipboard items is limited. The present limitation is the maximum paragraph size (32KB in NoteTab Pro, 2GB in NoteTab Standard), which limits the maximum total size of the Multiple Clipboard.


A word of caution to TeX users: using NoteTab, do not write "e^t" or "s^p". Instead, write "e^{t}", "s^{p}", and so on. Otherwise, NoteTab will interpret "^t" and "^p" as tokens for TAB and for EOL (End-Of-Line), and not only Multiple Clipboard, but also many other clips in various libraries will not work properly, and the results may be very strange. In such situations, remember to use Undo button or CTRL+Z.

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