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TeX system controls TEX.GIF windvi.GIF GSview.GIF 2up.GIF BibTEX.GIF makeindex.GIF makelsr.GIF help.GIF

TEX.GIF Run TEX or PDFTEX on your main TEX file, depending on the settings for the main file.

windvi.GIF View DVI file using WINDVI, if you use TEX. If you use PDFTEX, GSview will be opened (instead of WINDVI) for viewing your PDF output.

GSview.GIF Generate and view PS output from your main file, if you run TEX. If you run PDFTEX, your PDF output is shown using GSview.

2up.GIF Make a PS file for 2-up printing (you can define the signature size), and display it in GSview. You can print this special PS file via GSview's "Print" dialog, using method and settings which suits best to your printer.

BibTEX.GIF Run BIBTeX on your main file.

makeindex.GIF Run MAKEINDEX on all your index files.

makelsr.GIF Regenerate ls-R tree. Use this button after new fonts or new formats are generated.

help.GIF Go to LaTeX-pie online manual.

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