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File management buttons newdocument_tex.GIF open_tex.GIF save_tex.GIF close_tex.GIF

These four buttons are in blue dress, which underlines that they differ from the standard buttons.

newdocument_tex.GIF creates a new file with .TEX extension (NoNameXX.tex).

open_tex.GIF opens a "Open file" dialog box showing only files with .TEX extension in the directory of the main file.

save_tex.GIF saves a focused file, asking for name ("Save As" feature) if it is necessary.

close_tex.GIF closes a focused file.

Note: You can still use standard buttons, if you have the standard NoteTab toolbar open too (menu View/Toolbar), as well as standard keyboard shortcuts (CTRL+N, CTRL+O, STRL+S, CTRL+F4), but then you will bore with .TXT extensions, on one hand, and see many files which you normally will not open yourself.

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