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26. tabular tabular.GIF

This clip can be used in two ways.

tabular simple

  1. If there is no selected text, then a dialog box appears, in which you can define the number of rows and columns in the table, and a template is inserted in the current position in the document.

  1. The most efficient use of the "tabular" clip is the following. Selecting the following two rows as a block
              Igor Podlubny 	10
              Lubomir Dorcak 	20

    and running the "tabular" clip instantly gives the result shown below:

              Igor Podlubny	   & 10 \\
              Lubomir Dorcak   & 20 \\

    Note that you have to use two or more spaces or tabs for separating columns in your pre-fabricated text; single space is not treated as a column separator. If the table cell must be left empty, use the tilde ("~"), as in the following example, or any other symbol which does not produce printed output in TeX:

              Igor Podlubny		10
              Lubomir Dorcak        ~

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