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4. Main features

  • Behaviour of clips depends on current situation (if there is selected text or not, size of selected text, etc.)

  • Independance on the TeX implementation. This package should work with any proper installation of TeX for Windows 95/98/NT, including the case when you run the TeX system in DOS window (like 4allTeX), but edit in the NoteTab in a normal Windows window.

  • Definition and insertion of labels and bibliography labels is very easy and automated. All labels (defined by \label command) are shown as a menu list for selection. The same is true for the list of bibliography references (defined by \bibitem ). Moreover, each newly entered label is checked for uniqueness to prevent duplicate labels.

  • You can use up to seven BIBTeX databases with each processed main file, and the selection of a necessary label for reference is done through the menu list too.

  • Instant table and array formatting. It is enough to type a table as on a typewriter, then select the text and run the clip tabular or array. The basic LaTeX mark-up is added automatically, including separators for columns and rows.

  • Instant formatting of lists. Behaviour is different depending on the type of text (one or more lines or paragraphs).

  • Instant formatting of quotes, quotations, verses and verbatim text. Just select a block of text and run the corresponding clip.

  • Very careful selection of a subset of LaTeX2e commands which are most frequently used in real practice. In addition, there is also a possibility for easy addition of user-defined commands, environment and package names and math symbols to the corresponding menu lists.

  • No scrolling is needed for finding clips: all clips are organized in two sub-libraries, which simplifies the work - all the clips of a selected sub-library are available in a maximized NoteTab window.

  • Customized setup allows optimal tuning of this clipbook for each main LaTeX file, including specific user commands, environments, packages, etc.

  • The clips in this clipbook allow one-step UNDO/REDO operation.

  • This package is very suitable for large projects (books, dissertations, reports), where a large number of cross-references and bibliography references appear.

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