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3. Installation


  1. Download NoteTab 4.8 Pro/Standard at
  2. Download LaTeX-pie from
  3. Look at the LaTeX-pie on-line manual at


  1. Install NoteTab 4.8 Pro/Standard.
  2. Unzip the contents of LATEXPIE.ZIP to your NoteTab\Libraries directory (most probably, for NoteTab Pro it will be your "C:\Program Files\Notetab Pro\Libraries" directory).
  3. Start NoteTab.
  4. Use Notetab's menu: View/Clipbar/LaTeX-pie. You will see the LaTeX-pie buttons.
  5. It is a good idea to turn basic NoteTab toolbar off, since you really will not need it for your (La)TeX work. You can turn the basic toolbar off by using View/Toolbar menu. Also, you can turn on line numbering (View/Line numbers), the ruler (View/Ruler), and the status bar (View/Status bar), and turn off the libraries bar (View/Libraries bar). If you see the clipbook window on the left of the text editing window, use F4 for closing (hiding) it. After all, you should have only text editing window and the LaTeX-pie buttons.
  6. LaTeX-pie works with both TeXLive 4 and 4TeX 5.0. In each case, you have to add the directory "T:\bin\win32" to your path (letter "T" stands for your disk with TeXLive or with 4TeX; it can be your CD-ROM drive letter, if you run them from CD), and to set TEXMFCNF environment variable correspondingly. So, assuming that D: is your TeXLive or 4TeX drive, and that you have your additional TeX tools (LaTeX styles, fonts, etc.) under C:\TEXFILES, you have to have in your AUTOEXEC.BAT the following two lines:
  7. Restart your computer.
  8. Start NoteTab, click on "# Settings" Settings.GIF button, and select your main (La)TeX file.
That's all. Now you can work on your LaTeX project.

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