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1. What's new

LaTeX-pie for NoteTab 4.8 Pro/Standard is a successor of LaTeX2eps clipbook for NoteTab Pro 4.6.

Now it works with such wonderful freeware TeX distributions as TeX_Live 4 and 4TeX 5.0.

Since NoteTab 4.8 Pro/Standard allows creation of user-defined toolbars (which are called "clipbars"), representing user-defined macros, LaTeX-pie fully utilizes this great feature. In fact, LaTeX-pie turns NoteTab 4.8 Pro/Standard into a powerful and intelligent LaTeX-aware editor and workbench for TeX_Live 4 and 4TeX 5.0.

Working with LaTeX is extremely simple with LaTeX-pie. Just install NoteTab 4.8 Pro/Standard and LaTeX-pie, add two lines to your AUITOEXEC.BAT, insert the CD-ROM with TeX_Live 4 or with 4TeX 5.0 in your CD-ROM drive (or install it, or its parts, to your hard disk), and work. For more information, see Installation.

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